Sunday, November 14, 2010

Game Weekend!

Trey demanding I get a "close up" of the toboggan.

They were both worn out!!

Cheering for the Hogs!!!

Watching everything very intently. His dad has taught him well!

View from our seats. I have decided it's the only way to watch the games!

The only picture I could get of Addison before she ripped all her gear off.

Her "cheer" pose.

Trey's masterpiece for Courtney. I don't think we have to worry
about him being too "artsy."

Saturday was the last Fayetteville home game for the season. Sad sad... We love any excuse to go up there so when the games are over it's harder for us to find reasons to get away and go visit! We decided at the last minute that we would all head up there and just drive home after the game. Last time we went to the game with the kids we stayed at Courtney's house and it worked out great, but I just needed to be at home Sunday to get things done. The plan was for Trey and J.O. to go to the game and Addison and I would shop and pick them up when Trey had had enough. Well, at the last minute someone offered J.O. 4 seats in the indoor club area, so he snatched those up and we all went.

Now on to Addison.....she would have lasted one second in regular crammed seats. The main reason being it was freezing and she refused to leave her coat/hood/gloves on, second reason being she never sat down. It really is such a good thing she's cute (even though I am biased) cause her attitude really shows when she is in tight close quarters with other people. We get to our section and luckily we were the front row so we had a ton of room for her to run around. She was very occupied with the game for about 10 minutes of the first quarter and was very well behaved. Then she started discovering that she could climb up and down the seats, take her shoes off, and yell at people sitting behind us. Luckily Courtney had given them some candy so that occupied her for awhile. After she finished her candy she spotted an older couple eating popcorn behind us. She started putting her hand out yelling, "hab (have) it now." I tried to distract her but Addison is not easily distracted. She kept on and when I turned my back for a second she actually reached up and stuck her hand in their popcorn sack. Luckily these people were very old and thought she was extremely cute. They kept repeatedly holding the sack out for her to get more. Now, I am not a germ a phobe or anything but it was all I could do not to turn around and say, SERIOUSLY??? I mean, I don't know these people from Adam and here my sweet, innocent little daughter is sharing popcorn and saliva with them. Awesome.

From there on out it only went downhill. Addison then proceeded to yell "No" to another woman behind us who continually kept trying to laugh and talk to her. At that point I decided to take her up to the top and let her run around. Luckily Trey decided around that time that he was done too and since we were killing UTEP, we all chose to leave. (By saying we all chose to leave, I really mean J.O. decided HE was ready to go and it was acceptable for us all to go out.)
It really was a fun day though. We all 4 were together from the time the kids jumped out of bed (or in Addisons case bellowed until we got her out of the crib) until we carried them to bed sleeping when we got home. I love that we are able to all enjoy Fayetteville and the football games and I hope that never changes!!

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