Monday, November 8, 2010

Busy Weekend!

Pics will probably have to come when it's not sooo extremely late at night. Like, 8:30 instead of 9:30. This weekend was so busy but great. Friday night I went to Wicked with my aunt and cousins and it was awesome! I wanted to see it so bad because when we were in New York we missed the first half so I have always kinda wondered what happened at the first!! The play didn't start until 8 and is a very long play so I wasn't home until 11:45. Now, anyone that knows me realizes that I turn into a pumpkin/grouch at 10:00 if I'm not close to a bed. Well, to top it off I had to be back at church at 8:00 Saturday morning for a Fall Retreat. Needless to say I wasn't in the best mood when I rolled out of bed Saturday morning. However, my mood changed immediately. It helped a lot that there were 5 different types of muffins waiting on me and a candy bar complete with pretzel m & m's. It was awesome. The speakers were good too! :)

Then, I headed home to see the kids and get ready to head to a good ole fashioned boot scoot. Yes, you read that right. J.O.'s boss had a party at their house complete with t-shirts, a country band and all the catfish you could eat. I was SOOO out of my element, but I had a pretty good time. Luckily the Razorback game was taping at home so we weren't there all that long. I can't complain though...I drank about 4 cups of amazing apple cider, at a huge plate of amazing food and came home with a free t-shirt! OH...and I snuck a picture of a cowboy sporting an awesome mullet! That pic to come soon!

This is off the subject but last night Trey and I were reading his new Christmas book. I buy him a new one each year and this one was the Bernstein Bears (love them) and about the Joy of Giving. The book was really sweet about the brother and sister figuring out it was better to give than receive. After we read the book we talked about how some kids don't have money for Christmas and so forth. He looked at me very seriously and I started getting so proud thinking this big profound moment was coming. He looked at me and said,

"well mom, what should we do. I mean, do WE have money for Christmas."
Me: "Yes, Trey. You are going to be fine."
Trey: "Whew. I was scared."

I have to admit, after that he did tell me he was sad for those kids and we should take them some toys. He told me that the things he had 2 of he would give them 1. (hey, it's a start).

It really does make you so sad to think about how some kids wake up to nothing and I sit here and rack my brain to think about things I can buy my kids because they need nothing. I definitely plan on taking Trey this year to buy presents for an Angel Tree child and teach him how important that is.

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