Monday, November 1, 2010


Not Halloween obviously, but I'm thrilled Addison can climb up the steps and slide by herself now!! Now it can be the babysitter we bought it to be! (kidding!)

Buzz coming down the slide at church!

Addison playing the basketball game!

Trey scoring some points too!

"If that kid gets in my way again...."

Full length outfit shot!

"I said stop taking my picture!!"

Well, once again I found myself getting entirely too into Halloween this year. It all started when Trey became very opinionated about the costume he wanted to wear. He told me he wanted to be Buzz Lightyear so being the awesome mom I am I went to the store immediately and bought it. OR...I waited until 2 weeks ago and started frantically looking for a Buzz costume and of course there were none left. So, I got online and tried to order one but the only sizes left were the infant sizes (really, what 6 month old dresses up like Buzz Lightyear) or huge sizes (again, not thinking too many 16 year olds are running around yelling, "To Infinity and Beyond!) Well, I explained to Trey that Buzz wasn't really that cool and he probably wanted to be something else. So...he decided to be Superman and I thought this was a great idea! I got online again and started hunting for a Superman costume and seriously everyone I found was 50 or 60 bucks! I mean, I love my child a lot but there is NO WAY im spending that on a Halloween costume. Thankfully Target was running a special on it and I found it for $20 bucks but the only problem was it was a small kids. Well, if you know Trey at all you know he isn't the biggest kid on the block. In fact there are only 8 measly lbs. separating him and Addison so I knew it would be too big. However, when it came in I was able to roll up the pants and it fit well enough to wear. He loved it! That is, until one day my mom and I were in Kroger and saw a rack of costumes on sale and one of them was Buzz! My mom got it for him and he was so excited. Poor guy must have just been putting on a brave face about being Superman for me! He loved his Buzz costume and carried his Toy Story bucket to match. We headed to our fall fest at church and 2 of his little friends were also Buzz so I was so glad we found him that costume! He had so much fun running around and playing. Addison on the other hand was the cutest bumblebee you have ever seen but was adamant that no one take her picture. A few people tried and she yelled "NO", cried, and ran off. So embarrassing.

It was also embarrassing when she was standing at the entrance of the jumper watching Trey jump and a man mistakenly thought she wanted to get in. He told her she couldn't go in with her sucker (first mistake) and then proceeded to touch her to help her up (second mistake). Well, she started yelling, "NO" and jerking her arm away. The man started looking around for me and I just ducked. Then when he wasn't looking I grabbed her and ran off.

When we got home Trey had a blast trick or treating in the neighborhood and then handing out candy to kids who came by our house. Once again, I found myself enjoying a night that I used to think was ridiculous. I'm still working on getting J.O. to dress up and hand out candy as a family. Don't you think that would be awesome?? I really don't know why he won't...he drives/rides in a minivan 95% of the time. Give it up aren't cool anymore.


  1. Both costumes are so cute!!! And yes, next year I am going to try and make Josh do a family costume. haha!

  2. I told Andrew we were doing a family theme too!!