Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter and T-ball

Addison's dress to support Trey and the Red Sox!

Addison is very determined to find the eggs. (She had already changed clothes...she didn't wear this on Easter Sunday!)

Addison going limp to avoid Aunt Robbye from getting a good picture.

Trey getting a head start on the hunt.

Easter was very fun this year and the kids came away with about as much as they did at Christmas!! Luckily, I prepared for this and only bought them a few things each. (I say this at every holiday, so I'm not sure how much longer I can let this be an excuse.) My parents met us and went to church with us and J.O. was lucky enough to have the 2 year old nursery class on Easter morning. He was pretty wiped out when church was over. Then we headed to Searcy for lunch and an egg hunt. Trey had a lot of fun and was pretty good at finding the eggs. At one point, his basket was full and overflowing but they (J.O.) kept looking because there was a rumor some of the eggs contained money!

T-Ball games start this weekend and we are all very excited. I'm not so sure Trey even realizes how games are different from practices, but the adults sure are ready for them. I have Addison's dress ready to go and the camera battery charged. I'm still anxious to see what will happen if he gets thrown out because they haven't really prepared for that in practice yet. There was a lot of talk of candy in the dug out to bribe the kids to come in. (I know a lot of people think that's dumb because they have to learn you can't always win, but I don't care. I will have Trey a package of M&M's every game if that's what it takes.) Anyway, expect more pics to come from that. It should be a fun and interesting couple of months.

P.S. Dear lady from Target.....I don't need you to stop and say, "wow, she (Addison) already has quite a temper doesn't she?" Clearly, when Addison is throwing her head around and yelling because I won't let her stand in the top part of the cart it's no secret she has an attitude.

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