Wednesday, February 25, 2015

First World Problems....

I have had some major first world problems over here the last few days and if you are honest with yourself, I bet you would agree.  Because, I have no problem busting myself out....let me illustrate what I mean.

Getting to the grocery store Sunday before the madness hit and still getting what you enjoy eating.  For example, we had to get the wrong kind of yogurt because it was all they had left.  Ugh....didn't they have the lower sugar, Greek yogurt?  I mean, I choked it down this am with my organic oatmeal, but still (sarcasm).  #firstworldproblems

We are now a society that competes on Facebook on snow days.  Stick with me....moms have always been good at doing the working mom shame, or the stay at home mom shame, but now we do it on snow days.  I will be honest....snow days make me bipolar.  One minute, I am skipping around the house playing tag with the kids and the next I am hiding in the corner crying.  Not that extreme, but you get the picture.  However, we now have shaming on both ends.  You either have to love it or hate it.  What happened to all of us laughing together over the hits and misses of snow days??  Over here...the reality is....I wanted to paint yesterday morning and I was cranky life had not gone how I wanted.  I couldn't leave, I was irritated, the kids were begging to go out and sled at 7:00am and I was tired.  How hard is it to have a few uninterrupted hours with Pandora playing and painting.  #firstworldproblems

Yesterday Sonic messed up my flavored water.  #firstworldproblems

I haven't been able to run outside and my gym membership is on hold.  #firstworldproblems

I needed some meat yesterday and Whole Foods was out of what I wanted so we will eat out tonight. #firstworldproblems.

Okay, enough sharing all my flaws.  My point is this.....yesterday my attitude stunk (and is still kinda there today) and by stunk I mean, I was a big ol baby at times.  Of course, I love my kids!  2 of them are home #alldayereday anyway!  But, I do A LOT of work from home and it's not happening right now....wah, wah, wah...right??

However, God has a way (when we allow Him) of putting it all in perspective.  This morning, as I was sitting with Addison on the computer my phone rang.  Here are the #realworldproblems....

9 month old and 2 year old just spent the night at DHS office. #realworldproblems

More than 8 kids came into care last night and most were still at DHS office. #realworldproblems

Caseworker that showed up at a foster parents house this am, was still in same clothes from yesterday, and was trying to get all the new children entering foster care into the doctor before weather in their part of town got bad.  #realworldproblems

Friend just took another placement because a 1 year old was still at DHS office.  1 year old people.  When our babies were one we were still lysoling the air at play dates.  This baby has been at DHS for who knows how long, waiting on somewhere to go.  #realworldproblems

So many more, but you hopefully get the point.  These are not #thirdworldproblems.  They are #pulaskicountyproblems.  These are OUR kids.  Ouch.

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