Monday, June 14, 2010

College Student Again...

Summer school has started! Woo hoo! Let me tell you, the second time around is not nearly as much fun as the first!! I actually have to listen hard in class and try with my homework cause it doesn't come nearly as easy. Surely it's because I have so much more on my plate this time around and not just because I'm getting old???
J.O. has been very supportive though. The first night of class I took the kids to him and he asked me if I was wearing a Jimmy Buffett t-shirt to try to look young. Thanks. Appreciate it.
Then my dear, wonderful, best friend in the world texed me to find out if there were "other people in class like me...." I texed her back and asked what she old and drives a minivan??? Seriously, I am very thankful for the "older" people in my class. It makes me feel better. However, there was the one girl who told me she went to UofA and so I asked her when she was there to see if we knew the same people. She told me 2006-2008. I just replied oh and changed the subject.
Then, there was the guy who sat by me in the first class and kept looking at my paper for answers. I'm sure he thought I was older and wiser but it was really annoying. Then, we had to make up a creative short story and share them with our neighbor. I just based mine off a cartoon Trey watches about a little bear, owl and cat playing in the woods. He based his off basketball players I had never heard of and looked at me like I was INSANE when I read him my story.
All in all, it's going okay. I have decided I am just going to push through and get done ASAP. Hopefully I won't forget and wear any old college tshirts to class.


  1. Girl! How do you do it? I can't hold much info in the ole brain nowdays!

  2. That is so funny! The nerve of that friend to ask you such a thing! :)