Saturday, October 24, 2009


Well, our family has had our first experience with the swine flu! Trey woke up about 3:30 Tuesday morning getting sick to his stomach and complaining of a headache. He was burning up so I crawled in bed with him and prayed I wouldn't fall asleep! At this point I was thinking it was the stomach bug and could just imagine him leaning over and getting sick on both of us while I was snoozing. Yes, this was probably a selfish thought but it was 3:30 in the morning and I was still half asleep. The next morning he was still running high fever and saying his head hurt really bad. I figured it was more than the stomach bug so we headed to the doctor. I think the doctors office scared me more than anything! There were masks everywhere and sick kids running around crying. It was like a scene out of outbreak or something. (Ive never actually seen that movie, but I assume that's what it would be like) Anyway, the doc said based on his symptoms he definitely had H1N1. He was sooo sick Tuesday. He wouldn't walk and all he wanted me to do was stand and hold him or rock him in the chair. We are on day 5 of fever, but he is feeling a ton better. Now, I am just praying Addison or J.O. doesn't get this! Both of them are not the best patients! Addison on the other hand has an excuse....

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