Friday, August 5, 2011

Work and random pics

So I officially started back to work this week and I am really enjoying it!!  Now, ask me again in February and I may have a different answer because I will be counting down the days until summer by then!  One thing I love is working at a Christian school.  Our very first day of in- service was started by singing a praise and worship song and a devotion.  Everyone is so extremely nice and helpful and truly cares about each other.  Now, don't get me an elementary school full of women I am sure we will have our drama but for now it's pretty peaceful!!  Trey starts next Thursday and Addy starts her new babysitter Monday the 15th.  I have to admit I am having slightly more anxiety about Addison being in Cabot away from me than I am about Trey being in Kindergarten.  At least at school I can yell for him down the hallway! (not that I would do that!)  I know Addison is going to love the woman who is keeping her but it will be an adjustment for awhile. 

   Random pic of a snake that was on our back porch...apparently it was poisonous and I was trying to hit it with a plastic baseball bat.  Needless to say I ran away when it "stood" up and tried to lunge at me.
                        We had to have a redneck front yard pool party because of the snake.

Last weekend we went to the lake.  It was so fun because we stayed at my grandmothers lake house so we had the convenience of going on and off the lake as the kids needed to.  Trey and Addy both loved tubing and Addison even laid down on it and went pretty fast.  Trey would have NEVER done that at her age.