Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Politics and Religion.....

This post has zero to do with politics or religion, but I really figured people wouldn't know what to do if they saw something on Facebook that didn't have that in the title.  I mean, not to sound too old or anything but do you remember when Facebook was this....

Tamra Ward Norman is.....bored.
Tamra Ward Norman is.....feeling tired.

I mean, it basically gave you the option of filling in the blank.  Now, people truly think they can solve all disagreements on Facebook.  I am all for raising awareness and posting about things you believe in on there.  I mean, my posts are mostly about Foster Care/Orphan Awareness and Spark.  Things I am passionate about.  However, I know I can't just rant and rave about it and sit back and do nothing.  It's why we have 2 extra kiddos this week who are 1 and 2.  That's right...we currently have a 1, 2, 2, 3 and 9 year old (Addison is on vacay).  Fun times.  Don't just post and gripe.  Be quieter and do more.

Okay, totally not what I was going to write about......

We are starting a new journey this year with homeschooling and I have already learned a ton.  Don't worry....I won't take homeschooling on as my personal crusade too, but I do feel like I should pass on things I have learned so far.

Not all homeschool moms do it because they hate public school but can't afford private.  Sadly, I really figured this was the majority of people out there.  It may be a few, but by no means the majority.  Honestly, I am realizing most of these moms do it because they truly feel it's best for their child and they aren't afraid of taking it child by child/year by year.  They don't want to keep their child isolated and they aren't afraid of everyone.  They just want to do what they think is best.  These moms don't blink an eye when I say I have one at AB, one homeschooled and two at 2nd Presbyterian.

They are the most flexible people on schedules.  I am not.  I am trying.  If one curriculum doesn't work, they research another.  If a playdate comes up, they go and do schoolwork after dinner.  If their child wants to go to Texas for the week, even though they had planned to start school the same day as AB, they adjust (maybe...still looking at the big star on the calendar and taking deep breaths).  It's a learning process for me, but I am learning.  Now, the teacher in me will get the work done and it will be done well, but it most likely will not be done within the normal hours that I am used to.

This gets old to hear I know....but.....I actually had to decide what to do and cut out because there are literally programs for every day of the week.  Right now, I have her enrolled in Bible Study, Art Class, SEEK and Homeschool Academy.  And that just scratches the surface.  I have had to say no repeatedly on various activities because like it or not....we need to be at home some.

It can be as expensive or as inexpensive as you make it.  I need some time off so I am paying for SEEK and Academy because I need someone else to teach her Science and I need her to have a day in a classroom setting at the Academy.  I will say though, compared to private's a breeze.

In short.....we are still excited, she is still excited, we are still taking it on a yearly basis and I am doing it for no other reason than, Addison begged and we felt God saying it was the right move.

That's it for now.  Now please.....someone go save the world with a lengthly Facebook post.

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