Tuesday, December 23, 2014


I wanted to introduce both the girls separately because for the past year they have been "the girls."

Meet Annalise Blair Norman

Annalise is 2 and will be turning 3 on January 25.  We met Anna for the first time last year, on July 17, and she walked into our house with the strongest personality I had ever met.  She called me "Ma" immediately and wouldn't let anyone else get near me.  She is so outgoing and bubbly and was born a fighter.  However, it's been amazing to watch over the last year as she has also reverted into that baby role as well.  She loves to be rocked, cuddled, held, and hugged and would still drink out of a bottle and take a pacifier if possible.  And some days it just may be possible around here. :)  She started out her little life as a fighter and now relishes in the "baby" role.  She LOVES her big sister, has a bond with Grace that is unexplainable and looks at Trey as another parent figure a lot of times.  We joke, that when she walked in we knew we were in trouble!  The first weekend we had her, I knew somehow, someway she would always impact our life.  I had no idea at the time she had siblings but I committed to a life of at least praying for this sweet baby on July 17, 2013.

Meet Grace Abigail Norman
Grace is night and day different from her sister (except for her temper).  She is 1 1/2 and will be 2 on March 28.  She came to us at 9 1/2 mths old and was a tough cookie to crack.  Whereas Anna had a very outgoing personality, Grace was very reserved.  The night she was brought to us, she was scared and nervous and I remember seeing a look in her eyes, that 9 months old shouldn't have.  She had formed her early bond with birth mom and then aunt and didn't want too much to do with me.  She was happiest alone in her bed and would sit for hours on the floor playing alone.  She was fine if I held her, but fine if I didn't.  She lived for the weekends she spent with her aunt and cried when I got her back.  It was rough honestly.  At one point, it looked like she was going to go back with her aunt and Anna would stay with us, and I told J. O. I guess that's why God was guarding my heart with her.  To be honest, we simply hadn't bonded like people would think.  Then, one day I walked into daycare and she squealed and kicked and screamed and was thrilled to see me.  It was almost like that day it changed.  However on the flip side, she bonded with J. O. immediately.  She laid on him a lot and cried for him when I had her.  Even though, her and I are now VERY close, she is still a major daddy's girl!  Grace is still reserved and doesn't let too many people in.  She's hard to get a smile out of, and you have to win her affection and trust.  However, after you do, she is the sweetest and most precious little girl.  

We can't wait to see what big things God has in store for them!  We are so blessed God chose us to be their forever family!

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