Monday, April 29, 2013

Feeling Stuck....

Do you ever feel like you are stuck between one spot and the next with nowhere to go?  Yeah that's me right now.  I feel like I am in that period in high school when graduation is a few weeks away and your grades are already turned in for graduation but yet you still have to go to school?  Yeah that's me too.  Now, for any parents reading this, I don't mean I have already mentally checked out of school.  No, not at all!!  What I mean is, I am at that point where all our paperwork (on our end) is done and turned in but yet our date to open is not until May 24th.  We can't really get any more baby stuff together because I may get a newborn or a 12 month old.  We can't really do anything but wait.  And be patient.  Unfortunately I have no idea how to do the 2nd part.  Not at all.  That's a big part of why there is a huge strip of wallpaper missing in my bathroom because I up and decided one afternoon I would remove it all with just my bare hands and some determination.  Take it from me...that doesn't work. 

So back to the topic.  Patience.  I'm not good at it.  J.O. tells me I am the worlds worst at wanting something and wanting it yesterday.  It's not always a bad thing but in this situation (when your hands are tied) it's not good to function this way.  As I was typing this, and wondering what in the world to write next, I keep being reminded to ..."be still" ..." be still and know that I am God."  I have a feeling my job over the next month is to search, study and develop an even deeper relationship.  I have a feeling I have no idea how hard it's about to be.  I also have a feeling God does and that's why He is giving me this month with all paperwork done and nothing else to do but wait.  I have a feeling patience is something I will learn whether I like it or not.

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