Sunday, September 5, 2010

Weekend in Fayetteville!

I realize this is another post without pics (which is boring) but I will have some pics to put up as soon as Courtney sends me some! This weekend we went to Fayetteville for the first Razorback game of the season. In this house football season is like the first day of hunting season for some. There is excitement, anticipation and sheer joy coming from J.O. on the first game day. I have to say though this year was a little more nerve wracking. I came down with the stomach bug on Friday and Addison got it too. Our plans were for everyone to head to Fayetteville Saturday morning and for Trey and J.O. to go to the game. Trey was just as excited as J.O. was. Well, being the good dad J.O. is, he felt too bad going without us on Saturday if we were still too sick or if Trey came down with it. He said he couldn't imagine having to tell Trey he was going without him.

Well, on Saturday morning I was feeling much better and Addison was 100% which is good because I noticed J.O. started getting excited and ready to leave even before we had talked about it. I'm just going to assume he knew we were going. Anyway, we headed up there and and had a wonderful time. Courtney let us stay at her house and let me tell you she spoiled the kids rotten. Especially Trey. She had a 200 piece puzzle waiting for him, a pirate patch for his eye, and bath toys. She also had all her old cabbage patch dolls waiting for Addison.

However, I also think she realized just how hectic it is with 2 kids. Saturday morning we woke up, made Mickey Mouse pancakes, decorated sugar cookies, got dressed to go to campus and the park and Courtney realized it was just 9 o'clock in the morning. She also handled it well when Addison spit out her mouthful of milk on the floor (just for fun) and screamed bloody murder when Courtney dared to tell her no. (This has become a huge problem...Addison will spit her milk out of her mouth and thinks it's hilarious when she actually gets some on people. I'm talking full mouth fulls too. Time out has been enforced a lot lately.)

Courtney may be in trouble though because J.O. and Trey are dying to go back and stay with her. Trey got pancakes, puzzles, and cookies and J.O. got football, free place to stay and bacon made for breakfast.

It was a great weekend and I can't wait to go back again! We took Trey's picture by J.O.'s name on the sidewalk and I hope one day we can compare their names side by side!!! (I have a feeling we may slightly annoy our kids one day with all the U of A talk.)

Pics coming soon! I promise!!!

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  1. Ooo jealous y'all went! I think were going to the one next weekend in LR. Sounds like fun, and Addi still is cracking me up. :)