Monday, September 20, 2010

Our Life Lately....

Well, I have officially been teaching pre-k for over a month and I haven't lost my mind just yet. However, I have to say that eight 4/5 year olds is a lot different than 1!! One thing that I noticed immediately is that these kids aren't afraid of adults at all! I mean, they pretty much do whatever they want without any fear of what may happen. It's crazy!! It makes me so thankful for the way Trey acts at school and that he actually respects adults! Other than that though it's going good. I will be honest and admit that I am still adjusting to going to work every single day. (I realize some people who have done that forever have no sympathy, but it's a huge adjustment for me!) However, the fact that I get off at 3 is great and the fact that my job ends in May is another plus!

Addison has adjusted great. She loves being on the go and doesn't cry at all anymore when I drop her off. She gets right down and starts to play. She has also shocked me at how well behaved she has been. She never gets in trouble and every time I "spy" on her she is doing just what she should. Her vocabulary has gone crazy since she started there. She pretty much communicates everything she needs to and is doing great potty training. She actually takes her diaper off when she gets home and wants panties on, but I'm just not 100% there yet! Maybe if I would just take a long weekend and commit it would be different but not yet!

Trey is loving school too. He loves his teacher and has made a lot of friends. I also love being with him outside and at lunch and occasionally when I just go in there to hang out with him! I'm starting to worry though that he won't know what to do when I'm not there next year! Well, actually I'm sure he will do just fine, it will just be me that won't know what to do! Anyone know of a school that needs a kindergarten teacher!! :)
Trey makes his teacher laugh all day with his stories and imagination. One day he had her draw his leg bright red on a picture because it was when he broke it. The child has never even had a sprain. He also wouldn't sleep today (or ever) at nap because he was laying there "pracpicing Japanese" (in his words).
Anyway, it's a hectic life but I really like it. I do miss my part time schedule but I am loving what I am doing. These kids are so eager to learn and such sweet kids. Even if they do make me want to pull my hair out!

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