Tuesday, February 16, 2010


So, I posted a week or so ago about how people really make you scratch your head sometimes and go.."wow". You know, like when they say something dumb in public, or leave their kid in the car alone while they go get ice cream at Cold Stone, (not me, but I did see this recently), or you walk outside and see the door to a vehicle wide open with no one in it.....

Well, unfortunately this last one is something I apparently do regularly. Right after Addison was born, Cecily and I ventured out to the mall to do a little shopping. Addison was probably only a couple of months old so I had soooo much stuff to get out of the car with her. I finally got her hauled out and Cecily got Trey ready and we were ready to go. It was also the first time to really use my double stroller and I was very preoccupied with how much space I was taking up just by having this sucker out. We went into the mall and made it almost an hour before we needed to leave. (This also included a short nursing break for Addison.) Anyway, the melting down started and I told Cecily I thought we should leave (I noticed Cecily didn't argue too much, but I also noticed after we got into the car she ran back into the mall alone.)

So, we walk out of the mall and I get closer to my car only to notice that the back door is wide open. For a second I freaked out thinking that someone was in my car and trying to steal it. Then, I just assumed it wasn't my car so I started looking around the parking lot for it. Lastly, I looked at Cecily and she looked at me and I just said "wow". Luckily, no one stole anything and I really didn't feel too stupid because after all I had just had a baby.

Fast forward to today. I went to the "big gym" as Trey calls it and hauled both of them inside. Only this time, I didn't have strollers or diaper bag or anything to go along with it. I simply unbuckled Addison and told Trey to get out. I got into the gym and was running so fast on the treadmill that I was about to pass out, (or walking briskly) when I noticed something out the front window. Some idiot had left their door wide open. Yes, it was me again. I don't understand why I can't remember to close my doors.

I guess I shouldn't question someone only putting a "y" on a pillow anymore. It seems a lot less crazy now, huh?


  1. It's okay. I didn't know that the exit signs on the interstate matched the mile markers.

  2. It's kids! They do these things to us!! Still running- Yay!!!

    Did you get any of the Cathe stuff? Let me know!