Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cabbage Patch Kids

This is not her exact doll because I don't have a picture I can upload.
Our computer has been broken for 5 days. Talk about fun snow days at the Normans!!

Addison got a cabbage patch kid from Cece for her birthday and it's the cutest thing. I am a big fan of cabbage patch dolls and can understand why kids love to play with them. They are very real looking and you can dress them and undress them. However, whoever invented the cabbage patch doll really wasn't very considerate. I mean, you take a life size doll that is dressed in a snap up Carters preemie outfit and wearing a diaper and what 3 year old wouldn't think that's fascinating. Trey latched on to this doll immediately and started carting it around. Then he figured out he could undress her and take her diaper off and the fun really started. I mean, I didn't even put Addison in snap up outfits for too long because they annoyed me. We usually stuck with the zipper ones. Well, every time I turned around yesterday "Bailey" had pooped in her diaper and he had stripped her down, dumped the nasty diaper out in the trashcan and needed help putting the diaper back on and redressing her. This was cute the first time, but the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th,......etc. it got a little old. I will give him credit, he tried really hard to redo the diaper on his own but really what 3 year old can do that? I know you are probably thinking, "why didn't you just tell him to stop? I mean, you are the parent." Well, that's really a great idea. However, if you have ever met a determined 3 1/2 year old you know that just doesn't work. After all, Bailey would cry really loudly until he changed her so what choice did he have????

So...that's why the inventor of the cabbage patch hates moms. At one point I was in the middle of changing Addison's real life diaper while trying to assure "Bailey" that everything would be okay and I would change hers in a second. I have to give it to Trey his imagination is amazing but I'm really hoping the new wears off quick with the doll. Of course by that time Addison will be wanting to change her diaper and we will go through it all over again.

P.S. For all of you J.O. was not overly thrilled that Trey loved playing with Bailey, but I just reminded him of the cabbage patch his mom said he had growing up and he got quiet.

Also, am I the only one so ready for the snow to go???? Seriously, yesterday I resorted to mimicking dances that Trey was teaching me to help occupy him. It was a great workout.

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