Monday, August 31, 2009


Well, once again I am behind on the blogging! Everytime I tell myself that I am going to keep up with it, I find other things to do! We went to the lake a few weeks ago and had a great time. As most of you know Trey is a nervous child (no clue where he gets that from!) so this was his first year to really enjoy going to the lake and getting out on the boat. Addison had a great time dressing up in her new swimsuit and sleeping on the boat! I kept trying to get a full shot of her swimsuit so notice how mad she looks in the picture when she is laying on the couch....that was probably my 10th attempt at getting her to be still!
However, packing for 2 nights at the lake house made me realize how much stuff I am about to pack to go to the beach!! We leave in a couple of weeks and Im thinking of renting a U-haul!
We are taking Trey to his first Razorback game Saturday so Im anxious to see how that goes. I don't think Trey realizes how serious his daddy takes these things. He better put his game face on and be prepared to stay awhile!! Hope everyone is doing well and I will put pics up from the game and beach at some point!

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