Monday, November 10, 2008


Well, my camera batteries are dead so I will have to update pictures soon. We have had a lot going on. We have Addison's furniture completely put up and now all we have to do is decorate. I have her bedding and it is super cute! I had a shower this weekend and it was great. I got so many wonderful things that I need and I feel ready for this baby! I was so thankful to my friends who threw it and it helped me feel prepared before we start the madness of the holidays.

We also took Trey to Winnie the Pooh at Alltel Friday and he had a blast. He sat on our laps and clapped and yelled the whole time. He was very enamored by Tigger while he jumped around everywhere. It was a lot of fun! Just a word of advice though: if you ever take your kids to see something at Alltel, pay extra to park close! We drug Trey out of there screaming and I was very glad it was a short walk across the street to our car! Thankfully there were 1,000 other kids there and no one even looked at us dragging a limp child through traffic.

Last, I got my 4D ultrasound today and saw some great pictures of Addison. She never takes her right hand away from her face except when she is using it to grab her right foot. I made the technician show me her left side so I knew it existed! The only thing we couldn't ever see was a full picture of her head because she is too low. She was also sound asleep when we were trying to see her but the second we walked out she woke up! I have a feeling she may be a little stubborn. Anyway, I will have pictures up of all these soon when I get my camera batteries charged.

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