Thursday, October 9, 2008

Im going to try again.....

Okay, so I started a blog a while back but never kept up with it. Im going to try to start again and actually do it!! I will add pictures later when I am on my home computer. Nothing really fabulous is happening in our world. Just trying to prepare for the second baby. We have decided on Addison Ward Norman and she is due February 5th. Why does it seem so much harder to get things in order the second time around? I think the first time your family is much more excited and immediately starts stocking you up. This time it's all about me doing it!! Im not complaining but things don't happen as quickly this way. Trey still LOVES his little school program he goes to twice a week. He has come home with lots of new sayings....."give me that back right now" and "thats mine" are a few of my favorites. He is also in the very curious stage. Everything is "whats that" "whos this" and so on.....I really love this stage though because he is so funny. We are also in the middle of potty training and it is going pretty well. I will add pics soon!!

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